Monday, August 1, 2011

The Beach Body Challenge

I am pretty excited today because I will be starting the The Beach Body Challenge! It is a challenge that is open to members and coaches alike to get healthier and get healthy and fit. The grand prize is $100,000 for the best transformation and transformation story! I SO want this! It gives me about 9 months to hit my ultimate goal. This is such a huge incentive for me to finish what I have started because I know that this is something that is in my reach to achieve, and an awesome way to share my story with others.

So in my head all I am doing is the work, because I am already claiming the victory! Whether I win the grand prize or not...I have ME back! And that is what means the most to me! I feel like I will truly be a "product of the product" and people can see that Beach Body does work and they stand by their programs and products. What other company is giving away money on a daily basis to get people to work out? Ummm none of them!

So here I go world! Wish me luck! And God willing....this will be MINE!

For more info on the challenge go to to sign up for your free account and to "commit to be fit"

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck and hope you do accomplish everything you're aiming for. It's evident that you've been working hard for this, so keep it up until you get yourself the most awesome beach body out there.

    We all have our ways to achieve a perfectly-fit body, but what's really important is the commitment to achieving it. Whether we enroll into programs, eat and live healthy, or go for the more medical ways, we'll achieve our dreams if we stick with them!