Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating Clean: Where to Start

Now that we have the overview of "Eating Clean" and the effects it has on the body, let's talk about some more in-depth stuff. So as you remember the idea is to eat lean protein and complex carbs at EVERY meal. One may am I going to be able to do that? Well I will list examples of Lean Protein and Complex Carbs to give you an idea of how easy it really is! You should have 6 servings of Lean Protein a day, along with 2 to 4 servings of Starchy complex carbs, 4 to 6 servings of Carbs from Fruits and Veggies and 2 to 3 servings of healthy fats.

Lean Protein:
•Beef Tenderloin
•Canned Salmon(packed in water)
•Canned Tuna (Packed in water)
•Chicken Breasts
•Fat free plain yogurt
•Fresh fish (cod,salmon,tilapia,etc.)
•Lean Ground turkey
•Low Fat Cottage Cheese
•Natural nut butters (almonds, cashew, peanut)
•Fat free almond, soy or rice milk
•Pork Tenderloin

***There are more, but just an idea.

Then you have complex carbohydrates. Which is obviously the opposite of simple carbs like foods with added sugars, white bread, rice and pastas, cookies, crackers and chips. So get rid of those! Rely on complex carbs found in whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetable for energy. Look at it this way...after eating a bag of potato chips, white rice, or do you feel?? Full of energy..probably not? Now when you eat fruits, veggies, and things made with whole grains...packed with fiber how do you feel? Exactly!

Now why is that? That mid-morning or mid-afternoon lethargic feeling we sometimes have is usually due to unstable blood glucose and insulin levels. Sugar high sound familiar?? Eating a combination of lean protein and complex carbs prolongs digestion and encourages your blood sugar to remain stable.

Simple carbs like the ones I listed above, have a high glycemic index which spikes insulin levels and slows metabolism. This is the opposite of what we want to do, in order to lose weight and achieve optimal health....just something to think about next time we put a Lay's chip in our mouths. :)

Examples of Complex Carbs:

•Brown Rice
•Cream of Wheat
•Quinoa **
•Wheat Germ
•Whole-Grain Pasta
•Chickpeas **
•Beans **
•Sweet Potatoes
•Split Peas **
•Lentils **

** these pack the double punch, they can be used as a protein source

Carbs from fruits and veggies
•Beet Greens
•Brussel Sprouts
•Egg Plant
•Turnip Greens

•Apples, Berries, citrus fruits, dried fruits (in moderation), grapefruit, grapes, kiwi, lychee, mango, melons, oranges, papaya, passion fruit, pears, plums, and pomegranates

Healthy fats
•Cold-water fish
•Hazelnut oil
•Nut butters
•Olive Oil
•Pumpkinseed Oil
•Safflower Oil
•Sunflower seeds

Ok so now that you have some ideas of what you can eat..its not that bad right? Can you see yourself eating lean protein and complex carbs at every meal??

Lastly, all this talk of what to eat and how much...what exactly is a potion?

Protein Portion- A portion of meat is measured by what can fit in the palm of one hand.

Carbs from fruit and veggies-What can fit in two cupped hands

Starchy Complex Carbs- What can fit in one cupped hand

Healthy Fats- one scant handful of nuts, or one or two tablespoons of healthy oil.

These portions equal one serving.

So remember..

Protein-6 Servings
Starchy Complex Carbohydrates-2 to 4 servings

Carbs from Fruits and Vegetables- 4 to 6 servings

Healthy Fats- 2 to 3 servings

Woo! I know that was a lot but that is the MEAT of the Diet Principles. More to come on incorporating exercise into this new way of eating!

Pin-Pointing Where You Went Wrong

I have come to find that most people don't like to hear the truth. This especially true in times of self-reflection. However, in weight loss it is very important to self-reflect in order to progress.

I had to really pin-point where it was and why I started gaining weight. I went back about 8 years and discovered that this is where I developed an unhealthy relationship with food...pun intended. I was 3 hours from all my friends and a much bigger city, San Diego, and was taking 15 to 18 units and working full-time. I was depressed..plain and simple. And this was so the opposite of who I was months ago. In high school I was a 4.0 student, in the Key Club, Mentoring Program, CSF, ASB, hosted pep rallies in front of the entire school, Prom Court, Homecoming Court, tons of friends, and name in the paper every week for Volleyball. I was like the high school prototype! And now here I myself in a new place. I turned to food. I was the person that would spend 100 bucks on groceries, fill it up with healthy eats...and right after I put everything up...order a medium pizza and eat half of it in one sitting. It was a shame. This way of life continued year after year...even after me having a wonderful network of friends and finding my niche out there in San Diego. It didn't and food were like "peas and carrots" just hold the peas and the carrots :)

This mixed with little to no activity was the recipe for disaster and it took me this long to figure it out. But I am ok with that. Now I know, and have come to view food now as fuel...and not comfort. Am I still going to have my occasional piece of chocolate or "slice" of pizza; however, the idea is that I will want those things less and less because I like the way my body feels when I put healthy things in it. I can't sleep past 7am any more because my body has the energy now to get up and get the day started! Who would have knew?!

So I want to challenge everyone to finding out where you feel you went wrong and what you are doing or can do to fix it...this is the rest of your life people...plain and simple! You have to make the necessary sacrifices to live a longer and healthier life REGARDLESS of what other people around you are doing. This is probably the one time in life I will say to be selfish and be all about you!!! No one is going to push you more than you will push yourself! So have at it everyone..."Cheers" to a healthier you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eating Clean...Introduction

A friend suggested a book to me about two weeks ago. The name of the book is "The Eat Clean Diet: Recharged" by Tosca Reno. Tosca Reno is currently a fitness model, competitor, and a regular author in Oxygen magazine. Although she did not create the idea of eating clean, she is a huge advocate for it because of its amazing, long lasting results. I am writing this blog to inform others of this way of life and its effects on one's body, mind and soul.

First of all Tosca has what she calls a "Body Beautiful/ Body Healthy states that a healthy and beautiful body is: 80%. Nutrition, 10% Training and 10% Genetics

80% Nutrition- Most of us think that its the exercise that is the most important. But actually, its what we put into our bodies that makes the most difference in our health.

10% Training- Most of us can attest to the fact that if we watch what we eat without exercise...weight loss is possible. However, the exercise component is necessary to loat body fat vs. muscle. We have to exercise which includes cardio AND strength training, in order to build lean muscle which is going to aid in our metabolism.

10% Genetics- If you have ever looked at 2 or 3 generations of a fit family...there is something that is obviously genetically predisposed. Its the reason why we say, "I come from a line of women with hips". So there are certain areas that we can train or work on that may never be perfect in our eyes...due to genetics.

Now to the basics of the lifestyle...

What to Do:
Eat 5 to 66 times a day
Eat Breakfast EVERY DAY, within an hour of waking up
Eat A combination of lean protein and complex carbs at each meal(I will explain this later)
Eat 2 to 3 servings of healthy fats every day
Drink two to three liters of water each day
Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins, fiber, nutrients, enzyme.
Keep a cooler packs with Clean Foods

What to Avoid:
Avoid all over-processed food, particularly white flour and sugar.
Avoid chemically charged foods.
Avoid foods containing preservatives.
Avoid artificial sugars.
Avoid artificial foods (such as processed cheese slices)
Avoid saturated and trans fats.
Avoid sugar loaded beverages like colas and juices.
Avoid or limit alcohol intake.
Avoid all calorie-dense foods containing little or no nutritional value.

So why is this a good idea!?

Well according numerous testimonies and Tosca within a few days you will see changes in the following areas: Increased and constant energy, your eyes will be brighter, your teeth and mouth will be healthier due to the elimination of chemicals going interacting with it, and your skin will brighten and clear. Your hair will be more luxurious and your hair and nails stronger.
Also, eating clean lends itself to being a NATURAL detox. And as for the part we all care about, you will develop a leaner physique and will bring you to an optimal weight. If losing weight and fat is the goal...Tosca says that there is a normal 3 to 4lb weight loss per week. Of course, there will be times where you lose less, more, or even stand still. However, if paired with exercise, Eating Clean will have you shedding body fat and gaining lean muscle at a consistent rate.

So in short, Eating Clean is not a diet it is a healthier way to live. This generation of children are trending to be the first generation to NOT outlive their parents. Also, studies show that 2 out of every 3 North Americans are overweight or obese. This is crazy! And this is not where we were 20 years ago. The problem is the things we are putting in our mouths and allowing our children to eat as well. Eating Clean is something that athletes, fitness competitors, doctors, etc have been doing for years...and here we are just slowly killing ourselves.

Since this book is loaded with lots of information, I have decided to address a new chapter or several chapters in a new blog each day!

Disclaimer: I am not saying that everyone has to live by this "Eating Clean" lifestyle, as I am sure that it is not going to be for everyone. However, I do plan on taking this on starting February 1st and will chronicle my findings and reactions to it. So I don't want anyone to feel like I am pushing this...but I do feel like it is a great idea to start thinking about and incorporating into your daily life...even if slowly. Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


WOW! So I had a harsh realization today as I was watching Made on MTV. The girl on there who has been overweight the majority of her life said that she has never felt I stopped and thought to myself..."Wow, neither have I!". I honestly can't remember growing up and hearing from my family or friends that I was beautiful. In high school and later on in life, I have always been confident in the fact that I am book smart and confident in the fact that I have been known as the girl who "keeps it real". I have always been surrounded by women that I considered to be prettier than me from my mom to friends I had in high school. So since I was always the athlete or the smart girl..I felt like I didn't have to be measured on the same scale of beauty as my friends.

I know this sounds crazy that I am saying this at all. But I really didn't realize that I never have looked at myself in the mirror and said, "I'm beautiful". I think as I am going along in this journey I need to take steps to learn how to fall in love withmyself...or I will get to my goal weight and still have that emotional baggage. I guess this is why the weight loss journey is two-fold: physical and mental and somehow I feel the latter is 80% of it! So it's time for me to love me and know that I am beautiful inside and OUT and what I am doing now is only to intensify the beauty I already possess.

It hurts my heart to see other young women have self-hate and low self-esteem because of their weight. It shouldn't be that...everyone should possess confidence in themselves, but over the years I have come to see how easy it is to lose this (if you had it) or never gain it. I don't come from a family that is really affectionate and the giver of compliments...its always "how can you be better". Never taking the time to reward your accomplishments or to hear that someone is proud of you. So my assumption is this is where this stems from for me! But breaking the cycle...starts with me!

So chin up Krystle! You can do this! You are beautiful and I'm proud of you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Loving This...This Time Around

I am finding that the working out and eating right thing is coming a little more naturally now. I am understanding that I don't have to deprive myself of anything as long as I am willing to SWEAT IT OFF! Prime example, I had a personal pan pizza the other day and knew that I had to work it off, plain and simple! So I came home and did MAJOR cardio. And I was ok with that.

Zumba is really a great motivation! So I definitely think this makes it a lot easier to incorporate exercise in my everyday life. Also, just the fact that I started this 40lb challenge is a HUGE driving is great to receive the support and to be a support to others.

It is amazing to hear people call me an inspiration...and I think its that very thing that keeps me motivated each day and able to cheer other people on! I don't ever want to be the person that doesn't finish something they started EVER again. It means so much to me to be an inspiration to other's. This was my intention in wanting to start this blog, and hopefully later...write a book about the weight loss journey. It is so important to me for people to understand how great they can be if THEy believe it! Not if anyone else believes or says it. But if deep down in your heart, you know that you are a are! And you are going to make it. And some of the greatest fighters, have been knocked down and have gotten back up because they believed in themselves!

I don't know how I am going to do it...but I am going to write my book! No matter what. If I can help inspire 100 people...why not a million more. There are great, powerful people in this world just waiting to unleash their potential!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zumba Anyone!?

So I just got my Zumba DVD's in the mail yesterday. In the morning, I was not feeling well and had no motivation to workout until I saw the Mail Woman come into my workplace with the box. I was SO excited about it. I got home and popped that DVD in and OMG...I am in love! This is so perfect for me! I was moving and grooving the whole way through. I did the 20 minute express workout, and had so much fun I did it again.

This is the first time, in a long time, that I have wanted to hurry up and get that I could workout! AMAZING! I really think that this is going to be the catalyst to my weight loss and the one thing that is going to keep me all the way motivated! Maybe after I lose the weight, I can become a Zumba instructor! We will see!

I just had to share my excitement about this! That is all lol

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mind, Body, and Soul

So I had an epiphany last night. I realized that when one gains weight, develops low self-esteem and fall into a little bit of a depression, you completely let go of yourself. Well at least I did. I realized that if I am going to strive towards weight loss, I also need to take care of the rest of my body. So for me that is going to mean the following: brushing and flossing everyday, taking vitamins and supplements, a daily skin regimen, and keeping up with hair, nails, and eyebrow appointments. This way I can always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful!

As women, we will find any little imperfection to complain about. We can lose 100lbs and then say.."But I hate my skin!" Which turns into whole other drama. Not going to happen over here. Our bodies are temples and a gift...why not pamper it and take care of it...inside and out! Doesn't make sense to nourish the inside of your body, but not the outside. Make it a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION.

As for the mind and soul...pick up a book and read, buy a journal and write. If you are religious or spiritual...spend a few minutes with God each day and allow your mind and soul to be at peace before the strenuous day ahead. Read about things that interest you, right about things that are going on in your life. Clear your mind from stresses and fill it with positive, healthy things. I love a good inspirational quote or Bible verse to get my day going.

Just some things to think about for your Mind, Body, and Soul transformation. Weight gain can absolutely turn your whole world upside down...and it is so important to make a transformation all around, so that you still do not have the same emotional barriers in your way, even after losing the weight.

Sometimes You Just Need That Gratification

So like I said before...I hadn't stepped on the scale in 30 of today. And when I did step on the scale...I LOST WEIGHT! I couldn't believe it really...I just knew I was going to step on the scale and have gained 5lbs. But no, I actually lost 5lbs. I haven't been at this weight in 4 years! And it felt so good, I couldn't help but cry and tell myself silently, "I did it!".

I know that people say that it shouldn't be about the number. However, at this point in my so is! Yes, my clothes fit me now like I'm channeling my inner 90's with baggy pants...but the number is more important to me. Its so important because of my BMI and the fact that I don't want to see OBESE next to it EVER again.

Being able to post my good news on felt great! It felt so wonderful for the ladies to congratulate me and tell me that I'm an inspiration...Me, and inspiration! The girl who ate herself to oblivion for over 7 years, is now an inspiration to others! I know that I have to push harder, because more now than ever, these wonderful ladies need to see that it is doable! I'm already inspired and motivated by them...and now they are by me.

Going to keep the momentum going by working out hard this week, and being good to my body. This time, I can't stop and I won' matter what!