Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pin-Pointing Where You Went Wrong

I have come to find that most people don't like to hear the truth. This especially true in times of self-reflection. However, in weight loss it is very important to self-reflect in order to progress.

I had to really pin-point where it was and why I started gaining weight. I went back about 8 years and discovered that this is where I developed an unhealthy relationship with food...pun intended. I was 3 hours from all my friends and a much bigger city, San Diego, and was taking 15 to 18 units and working full-time. I was depressed..plain and simple. And this was so the opposite of who I was months ago. In high school I was a 4.0 student, in the Key Club, Mentoring Program, CSF, ASB, hosted pep rallies in front of the entire school, Prom Court, Homecoming Court, tons of friends, and name in the paper every week for Volleyball. I was like the high school prototype! And now here I myself in a new place. I turned to food. I was the person that would spend 100 bucks on groceries, fill it up with healthy eats...and right after I put everything up...order a medium pizza and eat half of it in one sitting. It was a shame. This way of life continued year after year...even after me having a wonderful network of friends and finding my niche out there in San Diego. It didn't and food were like "peas and carrots" just hold the peas and the carrots :)

This mixed with little to no activity was the recipe for disaster and it took me this long to figure it out. But I am ok with that. Now I know, and have come to view food now as fuel...and not comfort. Am I still going to have my occasional piece of chocolate or "slice" of pizza; however, the idea is that I will want those things less and less because I like the way my body feels when I put healthy things in it. I can't sleep past 7am any more because my body has the energy now to get up and get the day started! Who would have knew?!

So I want to challenge everyone to finding out where you feel you went wrong and what you are doing or can do to fix it...this is the rest of your life people...plain and simple! You have to make the necessary sacrifices to live a longer and healthier life REGARDLESS of what other people around you are doing. This is probably the one time in life I will say to be selfish and be all about you!!! No one is going to push you more than you will push yourself! So have at it everyone..."Cheers" to a healthier you!

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