Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Mental Plateau

I can handle my body hitting a plateau...but when your mind does...WOW!

This week I experienced the worst week mentally, thus far in my journey. It was associated with a gain from last week, but it did something to me mentally. I didn't feel like giving up...but I did feel like, "How am I inspiring others if I haven't even lost 10lbs since I started this challenge!?". I became disappointed with myself because I felt like I should have been doing better. I knew that I could do better, but how?! So I went through a funk of sorts...and in the end, I realized this...

I have lost 40lbs since I first started losing weight. And more like almost 50 if I count how much I weighed when I delivered my son 2 1/2 years ago. So this was something that I should have seen coming. Out of all the research that I had done...I never thought to look into what to do when your body reaches a plateau. Furthermore, I was not mentally prepared for it! I guess I had this feeling that I would just keep dropping the weight with no foul ups, as long as I kept eating and exercising. I have to blame myself for this. Had I been prepared, I don't think it would have affected me in the way that it did. However, I have come up with a solution...

I have to get back to my "clean" eating, I need to switch up my workout routine, and most importantly need to make sure that I am fueling my body enough. At the end of the day, I was netting way less than 1200 calories in a day...which may have been the problem. I feel like I needed this little dose of reality to hit me. This will make me better equipped in the future and able to give better advice to other's. I felt so bad this week not being the constant inspiration to my MFP friends, because I know that some of them look forward to hearing positive things. In this journey it is so easy to fall victim to negativity or no motivation, and I am living proof now that you just have to refocus, congratulate yourself for the changes you HAVE made thus far, and clearly define what you are going to do from this day forward to meet your goals.

Ok, so with that being said...I am back to me! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Influences

I seem to think that being overweight or living a sedentary life is attributed to one's family. When I think about it...the only person in my family that exercises is my mom. She has been into fitness since I was born. Other than that...I don't have other family members that exercise regularly or eats "right."

My paternal grandparents are originally from the South so they are use to Southern cooling. Anything with pork, fried, with gravy, with sugar, and huge portions. Don't get me wrong, everything they make is delicious! Just not all that healthy. That mixed with no regular exercise, and I can't help but think that contributes to the illnesses in our family: diabetes, crohn's disease, high blood pressure, etc. I really feel that if healthy eating was something that was more important, my family would live even longer. At the same time, how do you go about telling your family that they should change their eating habits?

On my mother's side...not as bad. The portions are smaller, but no real physical activity. I will say though there have been attempts intermittently to go to the gym and workout and eat better throughout the years. For the most part, it has helped because my Grandie is fairly healthy with no major health issues, and the same for the rest of that side of the family. I will forewarn that this said is much smaller than my father's side. So I am only going off of: my mom, grandie, uncle and aunt.

So I'm telling my story to say that WE have to be the change that we want to see. We can start raising families that live healthy lifestyles. Its as easy as looking up recipes in a book or online, taking a walk as a family around the neighborhood or the park. Little things everyday can help us change our families and the world! Wouldn't be amazing if soda companies crumbled, because we refused to feed ourselves and our families....? If we stood up to the schools and said that our children, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters are not eating processed cheeseburgers and fake pizzas for lunch or vending machines with chips and cookies.

Our future generations are in our hands...our families are in our hands. What kind of legacy are you leaving?

Training For A 5K

Let me preface this by saying...I have NEVER been a runner! Nor have I ever claimed to be. Even when I was playing softball, volleyball and soccer...I wasn't a runner. It just seemed pretty pointless and boring in my opinion and it was not something that I found any enjoyment in.

However, in recent months I have realized that I could make it fun if I had some kind of goal attached to it. After looking up 5ks in Atlanta, I realized that there are tons of 5ks all the time. While browsing I saw one for Susan G. Komen. Well how is May 7th, which gives me some time to train and I can raise money for a great cause! I decided to register as an individual, rather than forming a team. I just felt like it is much better to depend on myself rather than try to get people to do something and run the risk of them flaking out.

Another reason why I decided to do this alone is symbolic. Me racing as an individual is symbolic of the women that face Breast Cancer on their own. The women who don't have family or friends that can be there at the hospital, at doctor's appointments, through chemo and radiation. I am racing for them, so that I don't have to know anyone diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

With that being said, I will be starting Couch to 5K tomorrow morning. Its a 8 week program and my race is in about 11 weeks. So I am giving myself extra time to be prepared. I am really excited and want to be my personal best and be able to say that I am doing something for a great cause :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting My Life Back

So I have been thinking a lot and realizing that my whole life is transforming in front of me...

I have people constantly asking me how I am doing what I am doing, and what I have been doing to lose the weight...people are telling me that I am inspiring them. It is crazy! I never started this journey wanting to inspire or motivate others. I just wanted to do something for me for a change. However, with these changes I have been making to live a healthier lifestyle, I realize that I am trying to become a better person all around. I found something in myself that I never realized I had lost. The ability to help other people and be the change I want to see in the world.

I mean honestly, I am buying reusable grocery bags, signing up for charity events that are health related, am thinking of ways to target Zumba to children and fight childhood obesity! I mean this new life has brought me a happiness and a dedication to just being better that I have never known! It is so amazing and all I can do is thank God and constantly remind myself of how good God is. I am enamored by his dedication in making sure I follow through with something that He always knew I could do. I just had to believe it! And I do...I truly feel unstoppable!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I Do What I Do

Someone asked me the other day..."Why do you feel the need to help or motivate other people, instead of just concentrating on yourself?"

I thought about it for a minute and said, "At what point in the this life did we stop helping others as we are helping ourselves?"

I guess I feel like losing weight is such a difficult journey mentally and physically. I can't imagine having to do it by one's self. I know that tons of people do every day. But I also feel like, how great would it be to have other people on this journey with you? Not a competition, but people to stand beside you every step of the way...or at least a good amount of the way. So I motivate other people, while motivating myself because I feel like it is my duty to. I now live by a motto of, "Be blessed and be a blessing to others!".

Failure is so easy, and so is giving into temptations that are out there. I want people to understand that NO ONE has to do this alone, by any means. Everyone needs help sometimes, and in this journey...we can use every hand that we can get. My job as someone that has had or still has the same struggles as many overweight men and women is to "pay it forward" and to push those that I am helping everyday! This, in turn, pushes me every day. I can't give up because I have too much riding on this. And most importantly, I have my own self-worth riding on this.

So back to the original question, "Why do I feel the need to help or motivate other people instead of concentrating on myself?"....

Who would I be if I didn't help other that not the very foundation of spreading love and being the change that we want to see in the world. We have become a nation of selfish people, who are more concerned with celebrities and material things rather than how we can help someone, in which we may be their last hope. I don't credit myself for being the "Captain Save Em"....just someone whose happiness is in seeing other succeed and find themselves again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Zumba Vision

After some careful thought, I realized that I want to share my passion for Zumba with more people. I plan on taking the Zumba Instructor Training in April. This will allow me to start teaching Zumba immediately after. However, I am really wanting to...No wait, I AM going to take the Zumba Basics 2 class and the Zumba for kids training classes because I am going to start a Zumba for kids class at a local school and/or community center.

I feel like my platform can really be promoting activity and healthy living in children. With this being considered the first generation that will not outlive the parents, it is crucial that we as adults promote a healthier lifestyle. The mere fact that there are children being diagnose with Diabetes and heart problems is RIDICULOUS to me. So I want to use my love of dance and adapting a healthier lifestyle in order to help others and spread the word that "These are our children and we are NOT going to bury them before we do ourselves!"

I am really exciting to embark on this journey within a journey. I figure that by the time April comes, my endurance will be better and I will be in better physical shape to actually teach a class. I am so incredibly blessed that God put this strength and courage into my life at the best time possible! Since leaving college, I don't think I had set any real goals for myself and in my life. And 4 years later here I am, talking about teaching GROUP FITNESS classes! Never in a million years could I have seen this coming! But here I am, and I am determined to bring others on this journey with me!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tunnel Vision

In the last month or two...I have noticed that I have developed a serious case of tunnel vision. For example, my day pretty much revolves around making sure I eat every two to three hours, working out, preparing meals in advance, and making sure that everything is going well with the challenge group.

Friends of mine have noticed that I don't call them back when they call or leave messages. I just feel like I am so focused on what I need to do for me, especially now that I have is really hard for me to get caught up or distracted from this process.

Losing weight is a process, a journey, and if done the correct way...a complete transformation. In my opinion, it is something that forces you to change the way you think about A LOT of things. I think this journey so far has showed me to
1)Have more self-worth 2) be more empathetic to other's situations 3) appreciate my family and 4) Focus on ME

So many times, as women especially, we just LET OURSELVES GO!!! Completely....we mentally, physically, and spiritually. And you have to say....why?! Well because we are so use to taking care of everyone else but ourselves and then we slowly but surely lose pieces of ourselves. Our identities stop being, "Hi, my name is Krystle" and turn into "Hi, I'm mother, wife/girlfriend, sister, friend, employee of." You get what I am saying. So ladies...STOP IT right now and get back to you. If you take care of yourself (not saying you can't take care of your family...that is a given) but taking care of yourself can bring a load of balance to your life. When you are able to get yourself can bring harmony to other parts of your life as well.

Day 3 Of Eating Clean

This "Eating Clean" thing is actually not so bad at all. Although, eating every 2 to 3 hours will make you feel like you are eating "too much", but the fact that it is all healthy stuff, with no preservatives, added sugars, healthy do feel a lot better throughout the day. For example, I am usually sluggish around this time of day. However, I am constantly putting good things in my body, and drinking my I am feeling energetic and ready to go home, work out and make dinner.

I can't wait to see how I feel within the next week or two. I have a feeling that it's going to be pretty darn good. And I must say, I am not doing this to accelerate weight loss, even though that may happen anyway. I just want to see if my overall health is better, but not allowing toxic things in my body.

Another thing I did think about is...for anyone who is not use to incorporating a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet, this would be a little hard at first. I have always been a lover of fruits and veggies so this is not too hard for me to do. If anything, I am just more cautious of increasing the amounts of fruits and veggies.

Another thing is...there is nothing tasty about flaxseed. LOL So you have to be really good about putting it into things that you can decided the seediness. But it definitely aids the digestive system :)

I just wanted to give you all a little sneak peek of what I have been experiencing thus far. So far, so good!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating Clean and Exercise

In the book Tosca Reno suggests that if weight loss is your ultimate goal...that you do cardio at least 30 and up to 45 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. Most importantly, working in your target heart rate zone is key! You can also how hard you are working by using the rare of perceived exertion scale (RPE)

In order to figure out your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Beginners should stay within 55 to 65 percent of their maximum heart rate.

An intermediate should train between 65 to 75 percent of his or her maximum hear rate, while an advanced should be between 75 to 85 percent of their max.


Tosca goes on to say that Weight Training is an intricate part of weight loss and developing lean muscle that will help your body burn calories all day.

Tips for getting started with weights

1) Start on machines- Machines are designed to help your core stay stable.

2) Make sure you work opposing muscle groups. Don't just train your biceps; you have to work your triceps, too. Men often like to train their upper body only, but lower-body strength is equally important. Training the entire body ensures the development of a balanced physique.

3) Start light and long- You don't want to injure yourself on the first. Start with light weights and longer sets. More information on sets and reps are on the right.

4) Challenge Yourself- Be sure the weight you are using isn't too light. Your muscle should be tired at the end of your set but not so tired that you lose form.

5) Switch it Up- Every four weeks you should reassess your workout plan. Your body adapts to exercise quickly and this is we find ourselves at plateau. In order to keep seeing changes you have to change your program frequently.