Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I Do What I Do

Someone asked me the other day..."Why do you feel the need to help or motivate other people, instead of just concentrating on yourself?"

I thought about it for a minute and said, "At what point in the this life did we stop helping others as we are helping ourselves?"

I guess I feel like losing weight is such a difficult journey mentally and physically. I can't imagine having to do it by one's self. I know that tons of people do every day. But I also feel like, how great would it be to have other people on this journey with you? Not a competition, but people to stand beside you every step of the way...or at least a good amount of the way. So I motivate other people, while motivating myself because I feel like it is my duty to. I now live by a motto of, "Be blessed and be a blessing to others!".

Failure is so easy, and so is giving into temptations that are out there. I want people to understand that NO ONE has to do this alone, by any means. Everyone needs help sometimes, and in this journey...we can use every hand that we can get. My job as someone that has had or still has the same struggles as many overweight men and women is to "pay it forward" and to push those that I am helping everyday! This, in turn, pushes me every day. I can't give up because I have too much riding on this. And most importantly, I have my own self-worth riding on this.

So back to the original question, "Why do I feel the need to help or motivate other people instead of concentrating on myself?"....

Who would I be if I didn't help other that not the very foundation of spreading love and being the change that we want to see in the world. We have become a nation of selfish people, who are more concerned with celebrities and material things rather than how we can help someone, in which we may be their last hope. I don't credit myself for being the "Captain Save Em"....just someone whose happiness is in seeing other succeed and find themselves again.

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