Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tunnel Vision

In the last month or two...I have noticed that I have developed a serious case of tunnel vision. For example, my day pretty much revolves around making sure I eat every two to three hours, working out, preparing meals in advance, and making sure that everything is going well with the challenge group.

Friends of mine have noticed that I don't call them back when they call or leave messages. I just feel like I am so focused on what I need to do for me, especially now that I have is really hard for me to get caught up or distracted from this process.

Losing weight is a process, a journey, and if done the correct way...a complete transformation. In my opinion, it is something that forces you to change the way you think about A LOT of things. I think this journey so far has showed me to
1)Have more self-worth 2) be more empathetic to other's situations 3) appreciate my family and 4) Focus on ME

So many times, as women especially, we just LET OURSELVES GO!!! Completely....we mentally, physically, and spiritually. And you have to say....why?! Well because we are so use to taking care of everyone else but ourselves and then we slowly but surely lose pieces of ourselves. Our identities stop being, "Hi, my name is Krystle" and turn into "Hi, I'm mother, wife/girlfriend, sister, friend, employee of." You get what I am saying. So ladies...STOP IT right now and get back to you. If you take care of yourself (not saying you can't take care of your family...that is a given) but taking care of yourself can bring a load of balance to your life. When you are able to get yourself can bring harmony to other parts of your life as well.

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  1. I totally agree. Thanks for following. I will also follow your journey.