Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Zumba Vision

After some careful thought, I realized that I want to share my passion for Zumba with more people. I plan on taking the Zumba Instructor Training in April. This will allow me to start teaching Zumba immediately after. However, I am really wanting to...No wait, I AM going to take the Zumba Basics 2 class and the Zumba for kids training classes because I am going to start a Zumba for kids class at a local school and/or community center.

I feel like my platform can really be promoting activity and healthy living in children. With this being considered the first generation that will not outlive the parents, it is crucial that we as adults promote a healthier lifestyle. The mere fact that there are children being diagnose with Diabetes and heart problems is RIDICULOUS to me. So I want to use my love of dance and adapting a healthier lifestyle in order to help others and spread the word that "These are our children and we are NOT going to bury them before we do ourselves!"

I am really exciting to embark on this journey within a journey. I figure that by the time April comes, my endurance will be better and I will be in better physical shape to actually teach a class. I am so incredibly blessed that God put this strength and courage into my life at the best time possible! Since leaving college, I don't think I had set any real goals for myself and in my life. And 4 years later here I am, talking about teaching GROUP FITNESS classes! Never in a million years could I have seen this coming! But here I am, and I am determined to bring others on this journey with me!

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