Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eating Clean...Introduction

A friend suggested a book to me about two weeks ago. The name of the book is "The Eat Clean Diet: Recharged" by Tosca Reno. Tosca Reno is currently a fitness model, competitor, and a regular author in Oxygen magazine. Although she did not create the idea of eating clean, she is a huge advocate for it because of its amazing, long lasting results. I am writing this blog to inform others of this way of life and its effects on one's body, mind and soul.

First of all Tosca has what she calls a "Body Beautiful/ Body Healthy states that a healthy and beautiful body is: 80%. Nutrition, 10% Training and 10% Genetics

80% Nutrition- Most of us think that its the exercise that is the most important. But actually, its what we put into our bodies that makes the most difference in our health.

10% Training- Most of us can attest to the fact that if we watch what we eat without exercise...weight loss is possible. However, the exercise component is necessary to loat body fat vs. muscle. We have to exercise which includes cardio AND strength training, in order to build lean muscle which is going to aid in our metabolism.

10% Genetics- If you have ever looked at 2 or 3 generations of a fit family...there is something that is obviously genetically predisposed. Its the reason why we say, "I come from a line of women with hips". So there are certain areas that we can train or work on that may never be perfect in our eyes...due to genetics.

Now to the basics of the lifestyle...

What to Do:
Eat 5 to 66 times a day
Eat Breakfast EVERY DAY, within an hour of waking up
Eat A combination of lean protein and complex carbs at each meal(I will explain this later)
Eat 2 to 3 servings of healthy fats every day
Drink two to three liters of water each day
Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins, fiber, nutrients, enzyme.
Keep a cooler packs with Clean Foods

What to Avoid:
Avoid all over-processed food, particularly white flour and sugar.
Avoid chemically charged foods.
Avoid foods containing preservatives.
Avoid artificial sugars.
Avoid artificial foods (such as processed cheese slices)
Avoid saturated and trans fats.
Avoid sugar loaded beverages like colas and juices.
Avoid or limit alcohol intake.
Avoid all calorie-dense foods containing little or no nutritional value.

So why is this a good idea!?

Well according numerous testimonies and Tosca within a few days you will see changes in the following areas: Increased and constant energy, your eyes will be brighter, your teeth and mouth will be healthier due to the elimination of chemicals going interacting with it, and your skin will brighten and clear. Your hair will be more luxurious and your hair and nails stronger.
Also, eating clean lends itself to being a NATURAL detox. And as for the part we all care about, you will develop a leaner physique and will bring you to an optimal weight. If losing weight and fat is the goal...Tosca says that there is a normal 3 to 4lb weight loss per week. Of course, there will be times where you lose less, more, or even stand still. However, if paired with exercise, Eating Clean will have you shedding body fat and gaining lean muscle at a consistent rate.

So in short, Eating Clean is not a diet it is a healthier way to live. This generation of children are trending to be the first generation to NOT outlive their parents. Also, studies show that 2 out of every 3 North Americans are overweight or obese. This is crazy! And this is not where we were 20 years ago. The problem is the things we are putting in our mouths and allowing our children to eat as well. Eating Clean is something that athletes, fitness competitors, doctors, etc have been doing for years...and here we are just slowly killing ourselves.

Since this book is loaded with lots of information, I have decided to address a new chapter or several chapters in a new blog each day!

Disclaimer: I am not saying that everyone has to live by this "Eating Clean" lifestyle, as I am sure that it is not going to be for everyone. However, I do plan on taking this on starting February 1st and will chronicle my findings and reactions to it. So I don't want anyone to feel like I am pushing this...but I do feel like it is a great idea to start thinking about and incorporating into your daily life...even if slowly. Until tomorrow...

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