Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mind, Body, and Soul

So I had an epiphany last night. I realized that when one gains weight, develops low self-esteem and fall into a little bit of a depression, you completely let go of yourself. Well at least I did. I realized that if I am going to strive towards weight loss, I also need to take care of the rest of my body. So for me that is going to mean the following: brushing and flossing everyday, taking vitamins and supplements, a daily skin regimen, and keeping up with hair, nails, and eyebrow appointments. This way I can always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful!

As women, we will find any little imperfection to complain about. We can lose 100lbs and then say.."But I hate my skin!" Which turns into whole other drama. Not going to happen over here. Our bodies are temples and a gift...why not pamper it and take care of it...inside and out! Doesn't make sense to nourish the inside of your body, but not the outside. Make it a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION.

As for the mind and soul...pick up a book and read, buy a journal and write. If you are religious or spiritual...spend a few minutes with God each day and allow your mind and soul to be at peace before the strenuous day ahead. Read about things that interest you, right about things that are going on in your life. Clear your mind from stresses and fill it with positive, healthy things. I love a good inspirational quote or Bible verse to get my day going.

Just some things to think about for your Mind, Body, and Soul transformation. Weight gain can absolutely turn your whole world upside down...and it is so important to make a transformation all around, so that you still do not have the same emotional barriers in your way, even after losing the weight.


  1. Very inspiring! You've got great insight here.

  2. Krystle, I agree with letting yourself go. When I started back to work after the New Year, I decided that I would take time to do my hair in the morning, wear a little eyeshadow, and put on a bit of lipgloss...that didn't add much time to my morning routine and I felt so much better! (And the compliments from students and fellow teachers was nice!) Love, menorato