Monday, September 12, 2011

The Month of August

Wow! Where do I start with my feelings about August and what it did to my psyche? Well for starters I took a trip back home to California. It was the first time a lot of my family and friends have been me in a year! Everyone was happy to see my success in weight loss and how far I had come since the last time I had been home. This honestly felt great for me to hear. At the same time it was a curse. My original goal was to lose 40 more pounds from where I am now...well with a lot of my family and friends saying they didn't think I had another 40 to lose, I started to rethink my personal goal. I started to think maybe I didn't have that much to lose at all.

Well after coming home...I slacked off BIG time with working out and eating. My eating was sporadic, when I ate at all and working out...was not happening AT ALL! This was a dissappointing because I had worked so hard to build up a love for working out and how it improved my I just felt unmotivated to do anything of the sort. So I have been in a major funk and I couldn't figure out the reason why...well now I know EXACTLY why

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