Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thought

So my good friends just went to Vegas for my friend Eugenia's Bachelorette Party....I was really sad that I couldn't go with them. However, in hindsight I started thinking about how I didn't want to be the fat girl parading around the pool with my thin, gorgeous friends. I know I shouldn't think like this, but I honestly couldn't help but be thankful that is just wasn't in the budget to buy two plane tickets within a 2 weeks span of time.

I am down almost 20lbs now, and although I am happy about makes me think more and more about how much longer my journey is. Setting small goals is the key, but I am the type of person who is ALWAYS looking at the BIGGER picture.

I will say this....I fully intend on having an awesome trip to Vegas planned, once I hit my goal is a must for me. It can be like a reward for myself! So I am going to invite all my girls, so we can parade around the pool together! And I won't have to be ashamed or self-conscious about my body!

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