Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friends ehhhhhh

I find it very interesting how friends or family react to you when one is trying to lose weight. I find that you have three groups of people: true supporters, believe it when I see its, and people who act like all of a sudden they can't take the time to encourage you.

The true supporters are obviously the ones we all want. These are the people who are with you 100% whether they know the struggle or not. These people are asking how you are doing, possibly buddying up with you, or keeping you motivated on those days where it just seems too much!

Then the "Believe It When I See Its" are the friends of family that don"t necessarily discourage you, but rather when you tell them about starting your journey...they ask a ton of questions about how you are going to do it and may even throw in a jab or two about "The last time you tried this" I find these people to be the most interesting really. It is like they only want to invest (emotions) in something that is going to have a return. They would rather not go on the physical and emotional rollercoaster with you...but will be there when you get off, cheering and congratulating you.

Lastly, the what I like to call...straight haters! These people are in no way there for you during your journey. Plain and simply put these are the people who are mad that they cannot have the same willpower that you do and would be perfectly happy to see you fall on your face. They may not say it...but they damn sure are thinking it! These are people that will say, "I don't have time to do all that counting calories stuff" when you talk about how you do this! I have found that some people's happiness is determined by your level of misery. For example, have you ever had a friend that was just an enabler of your bad behavior (eating habits, drinking, partying, etc)? These people are all about being your friend, as long as you are not doing or looking better than they are! All bad! And with friends like these, who needs enemies right?!

Now I will say there are friends and family that just fit into a category of, "I don't understand". These people have no clue what it is to try to lose weight or how hard it is to stay motivated. These are the ones that say things like, "I love exercise" or "I just eat whatever I want and workout". Well guess what? If I liked exercise...I probably wouldn't be overweight! Most of the time, it is not their fault. They truly just don't have the empathy gear in their brain, when it comes to this.

I wrote this post to say this...You have to choose who you want to inform about your weight loss and healthy lifestyle plan. Because you will have people who are in your corner, people who are only in your corner if you win, people who would love to see you get knocked out, and lastly...people who didn't even realize that you were stepping into the ring! Either way you have to fight your fight...with or without them!

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