Monday, April 11, 2011

Get Out of Your Own Way

In the past few weeks I have been hearing from a lot of people and myself included, have been making excuses. Now this is normal in the weight loss journey. There are days where you feel up and others where you feel down. However, the mental component of weight loss is what can completely sabotage anyone. This is what led me to right this.

We have to get out of our own way! Period. No one can stand in your way of your goal, except for you! Think about it...if you don't lose weight and get to your goal, who's fault is it? Not your job, your kids, your co-workers, McDonald's, your friends...YOU! Stop sabotaging yourself, and start putting in work! It is one of those things where you have to ask yourself, am I scared to fail? Because that is usually what it is. People can be so scared to fail at something, they would rather sabotage themselves or feel sorry for themselves than give it 100%.

I just want to say that it is OK! Trust me, give 100% a try in life and you will never want to give less again. Just try it...100% everyday, no matter what!

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