Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reevaluating How You Think

If someone asked you, "Who are you?" how would you answer that question? If you had to write down a list of good things about yourself and a list of things that "need improvement," which list would be longer? I ask this because I know that over the past few years my list of "needs improvement" would have been a lot longer than it is today. Why? Because I never thought of changing the way I look at myself.

I want to address the importance of positive self-talk! I know it can seem hard at first to do, but it is so crucial in learning how to love yourself just a little more each day, while on your journey. You have to stop beating yourself up, calling yourself fat, dumb, lazy, a disappointment, a failure, a loser, unattractive, ugly, etc. The more and more you say these things to yourself and about yourself...the more you begin to truly believe that this is the person you are, thus leading you to display this to the world around you. And what does that really do? Make you feel worse about yourself...and isn't that a little counterproductive.

With that being said, it is simple really...tell yourself positive things! Pick out things you love about yourself. Tell yourself that you are beautiful everyday, embrace the wonderful things about yourself. Don't always look at your physical appearance as the only thing that can bring you happiness in life...because it shouldn't be. We as people are complex, we all have many layers and character attributes that are just as and more important than what we look like on the outside. Sometimes I just walk around and day, "Krystle you are pretty darn intelligent!" lol. As crazy as I may sound...it works to help me internalize the positive things about myself that I love and that I want other people to know about me.

You just have to understand that weight loss alone is not the cure-all for everything. You have to dig deep in yourself and allow yourself to bloom, to grow, to love and most importantly to show yourself and everyone around you that it is your complexities that make you truly beautiful!

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