Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 2 of Shakeology Cleanse

Today was even better than yesterday! Feeling really good, really energized and kind of ready to take over the world. I did the two chocolates for breakfast and lunch, a banana for an afternoon snack, and then the greenberry for my last one. It was a lot easier to drink this time around. Maybe I was just going through some things yesterday lol. I think it is the wheatgrass that is surprising to the taste buds. I ate my salad for dinner and I am good.

Not hungry at all, again no headaches or pains, and was able to get in a good workout, without feeling completely exhausted. I am still pleasantly surprised how full I am, and stay full after drinking it. Tomorrow is my last day and I honestly think I could go another day if I wanted to, but I won't since I want this blog to reflect the true 3 day cleanse.

I am excited to see what the scale says on Friday, even though that is not my main concern, but it will be fun to see how the body responds.

Day 3 tomorrow! Exciting!

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  1. hey krystle this is olphia griffin just showing some love..