Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Three Week Plan

Ok so those of you that follow my blog will get the exclusive on what is going to be going on with me the next 3 weeks, as far as nutrition and exercise.

Week 1: Which is honestly going to start Friday 7/1...I will be trying out a very limited amount of carbs in my diet. I will eat the same breakfast (oatmeal with flaxseed, and wheat germ and scrambled of hard boiled egg whites) for lunch salad with either low sodium canned tuna, shrimp or boneless, skinless chicken breasts) and dinner will be grilled chicken and veggies. All snacks will either be fruits of veggies. I want to see how my bod responds to this.

Week 2: I will be doing the TurboFire 5-Day Inferno Plan. I didn't do it when I first started TurboFire but will be doing it this time around, since I am re-starting with a group on July 4th. :) WOO HOO I am ready!

Week 3: Well 3 days of week 3 will be dedicated to the 3-Day Cleanse. I will integrate this with a full workout routine of TurboFire since I kept it last time. I want to see if the results are any different this time around :)

Now I must preface I am not doing this to try to lose ma weight. It is more of an experiment to see how well my body responds to each week and to report back to you lovelies! So I am ready and amped to start tomorrow. I will report back every few days to let you know how it all goes!!!

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  1. Very cool and exciting :) Can't wait to see your results! I have tried the TurboFire 5-day inferno plan. I lost 6lbs the week of and then the next week I kept up with turbo fire workouts, and my own eating plan modified with hers and lost another 5lbs..not kidding you!