Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slowly But Surely.....

So I realized that setting up a daily schedule is really a good idea! In the past 3 days I have had a couple of eating slip ups but nothing too major. I have been preparing and bringing my dinner to work, so I am not tempted to go eat out and 2 days this week I have done a 2 mile walk with the baby. I didn't even realize that it was two whole miles until I did the same route in the car. I was so proud of dumb as that may sound!

So tomorrow, I have to have to get to the gym for at least 1.5 hours, just so I can get that part of my plan in action.

My doctor's appointment went well, and he gave me a viable option that I may be starting soon. I am not going to tell you all what it is....but it is something that I feel will be a huge help and once I meet my goal weight I will fill you all in. Thank you so much for the support...even a couple of comments every now and then definitely helps.....

Keep me in your prayers!


  1. I totally now what you mean when you say a couple of comments it does make you feel better that someone is actually fallowing your blog. So thank you for being my only friend on mine :)
    it helps alot. So your going to leave us in suspence. COME ON !!!! Well hope it works well and I'm so proud of you !!!!

  2. I'm proud of you Krystle, we can do this!

  3. Thanks Kenya girl....I am proud of you too girl. How is everything going?

    Genie....and thank you for following mine, because seriously, I need all the help that I can get! LOL