Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1 Week Down

So after my first week with this 1200 calorie thing...I am feeling great and have lost 6lbs....well 7 because I weighed myself today! I am really excited about it because I know that my hard work is paying off.

I have decided to work out 5 days a week this week instead of 4 and I am going to start using my Core Ryhthms tapes...they are basically doing Latin Dance move and making it into exercise...and it soooo is! You will be sweating after just the first tape. So this will be working my core and the walking will be working my bottom half.

I have defintely found that the weekends are the hardest. These are the days that I have off and I am usually running around and taking my son places i.e. to the park, to get more clothes, or with me shopping. So it was very tempting to stop and get something in a drive-thru but I didn't and I was really excited about that.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that what you are doing is working...and I so needed this to keep me motivated. Because although you can eat anything you want within reason, there are things that you want to avoid because you know that you will not get full and it defeats the purpose. So it is all about making smarter choices.

I will let you guys know how it is going towards the end of this week. Thank you all for the support, it really keeps me going.

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