Monday, March 7, 2011

3500 Calorie Deficit

So here is the "skinny". I am sure that most people have heard that it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound of fat. Well if this is the case, then all one has to do is create a 500 calorie deficit a day between what is consumed and what is burned. Now you have to remember that you have a RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate so it's not like you eat 1700 cals and and burn 2200 calories :).

Now with this being said, strength training is key here so that you are losing fat and not muscle mass. So think to yourself...are you creating enough of a deficit a day? Here is a formula....

Step 1:

Your current body weight x 10 =RMR

Step 2:

Calculate your Daily Activity Burn (DAB)

A) Sedentary RMR x 10% = DAB

B) Moderately Avtive RMR x 20% =DAB

C) Very Active RMR x 30% =DAB

Step 3:

Add calories burned from your Daily Exercise (DE). This varies but choose an average

Step 4: Subtract you calorie deficit or Surplus (This is the deficit that creates your weight loss). A 500 cal. deficit 7 days a week is 1lb a week. But be careful not to go over 1000 cals worth a deficit.

Step 5:

RMR + DAB + DE - CD= Your Calorie Target

Try this out if you are at a plateau and this can always be tweaked...Good Luck!

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