Monday, March 7, 2011

Addressing Your Fears

In the weight loss journey, it is natural to have fears. Many people fear they won't meet their goal, that they will still be unhappy with how they look, they will gain the weight back, how they will look afterwards, and so many more. I myself have feared that I wouldn't meet my goal and if I would I look.

Well as all these things are is also important to address the fear throughout your journey. One must always celebrate their achievements and remember how far they have come. Also when having a fear of not achieving your ultimate goal...ask yourself why you are doubting yourself. Have you tried at something previously and not succeeded? If so, why didn't you? Is your mindset different this time around?

It is also crucial to understand that the fear of the unknown can be just as scary. However, it can be exciting! Think back to your very first day of school or a job....:ow did you feel? Did you feel anxious, scared, didn't know what to expect? Probably all of these...but how did you do?...I bet you did just fine after some getting use to, right? And this is exactly how you will do with this!

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!! Period. You cannot let your fears consume you! God gives us all the tools we need to succeed! He doesn't give you a heart of fear or worry...but one of confidence and determination! So its our job to use it. There is no need to fear something that is completely in your control! Stop fearing and start living!

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